Wines and cellar Solar de Urbezo. D.O. Carinena, Zaragoza (Spain).

Wines and cellar Solar de Urbezo. D.O. Carinena, Zaragoza (Spain).

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Paraje "Urbezo"


It is located in the region of Aragon, province of Zaragoza and in the municipality of Cariñena.

Geographically it is located in the northern Somontano of the Sierra de Algairén, in the northwest of the Virgin of Lagunas Monastery in front of the mount Moncayo and crossed by the Frasno river from south to north.

It is limited to the north, by the municipal term of Alfamén; to the south by the road from Longares to Almonacid de la Sierra and the Monastery of the Virgin of Lagunas; to the east by the Camino del Rutal from Alfamén to the Monastery of the Virgen de Lagunas and to the west by the municipalities of Alfamén and Cosuenda.

The Paraje "Urbezo" is integrated into the cadastral estate 35 of the Cariñena municipal area.

Human and natural factors describe the characteristics of the Paraje "Urbezo".


In 1178 there was "the Villa y Lugar of Lagunas, located between Cariñena and Alfamén, in a place full of vineyards", being the current Shrine of Our Lady of Lagunas, parish church of the Lugar of Lagunas and the site of the current vineyards of Urbezo.

The winemaking tradition in the current Paraje "Urbezo" is preserved by the monks who made their wines from the grapes of the vineyards they cultivated and since the beginning of the 19th century through five generations of ancestors of the current winegrowers.

In 1995, Bodegas Solar de Urbezo became a producer of grapes in this area and since then new cultivation techniques have been introduced in the new plantations, choosing quality clones in rootstock and variety, moving from goblet to street planting and increasing plantation density per ha.


Most of the varieties are grown on trellises, keeping the traditional varieties, Grenache and Tempranillo, in goblet.

For more than fifteen years we have improved the way of cultivation from conventional to organic agriculture, going back to sulfur and copper fungicides that our grandparents used.

These methods promote the growth of native yeasts on the skin of the grapes which favour the production of carbonic maceration wines, and mark the beginning of new experiences to obtain biodynamic wines.

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