Wines and cellar Solar de Urbezo. D.O. Carinena, Zaragoza (Spain).

Wines and cellar Solar de Urbezo. D.O. Carinena, Zaragoza (Spain).

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Urbezo Chardonnay 2015: gold medal at the internacional competition Chardonnay du Monde


The 23th international competition of the World’s best Chardonnay wines, Chardonnay du Monde® has just come to an end in Burgundy, France, and Urbezo Chardonnay 2015 ecologic wine has taken a gold medal in this annual wine competition, competing against a large concentration of chardonnay wine and vast geographical diversity: 782 wine samples from 39 countries.

Chardonnay du Monde has progressively distinguished itself from other international competitions thanks to quality standards, and occupies a special place amongst international competitions thanks to its worldwide scope and its rigorous method. Strict quality standards and optimal tasting conditions enabled the international judges to award 259 medals that are recognised as a reliable criterion for selection.


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