Wines and cellar Solar de Urbezo. D.O. Carinena, Zaragoza (Spain).

Wines and cellar Solar de Urbezo. D.O. Carinena, Zaragoza (Spain).

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Solar de Urbezo celebrates de European Day of Wine Turism Day with the Cariñena´s Route Wine


Wine territorios celebrate during the second weekend in November (7th an 8 th) The Day of Wine Tourism, and will make wine culture more accesible to the citizens. The main wine regions in European America join the celebration with a a wide and varied range of proposals for wine and wine tourism lovers.

Cariñena´s Route Wine has organizad this weekend its last route in 2015. The visit will start with a guided tour to Cariñena, and then the visit will go on in Solar de Urbezo, with a guided winery tour and a wine tasting . After having lunch at La Rebotica´s Restaurant it will be visited the Cariñena´s train Museum, to return Zaragoza in the evening.It will be a full day with activities related to wine culture.

The Wine Tourism Day celebration is an initiative pioneered by RECEVIN, The European Network of Wine Cities, which is composed of towns or groups of towns belonging all Europe Union with a strong economic dependence of viticulture and located in areas protected by the quality guarantee of their wines.



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